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    Sending Syracuse Spirit to our military alums!

    Orange Around the World

    In honor of Philanthropy Week and National Orange Day, the Syracuse University community celebrated SUs rich history, spirit, and tradition of serving others with a special project—Orange Around the World.

    Together, students, faculty, staff, and alumni collected enough items to fill 325 care packages, one for each alum who is currently serving in the military. The packages were shipped out on National Orange Day. See photos of the effort.

    History of Orange Around the World

    A decade ago, Jason Yaley ’05, G’06 thought up the idea for Orange Around The World while pursuing his graduate studies at Syracuse’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Yaley sought to remind people that while Syracuse is proud of all alumni, we must not forget about our heroes in the military.

    Yaley organized a similar University-wide project for National Orange Day in 2006, to show appreciation for alumni serving our country. He’ll return to campus as packages once again ship out on National Orange Day! Read more about Jason